Wednesday, October 26, 2016

31 Days of Halloween, Days 19-24

I look forward to October all year long, and here we are, less than a week till Halloween! Funny how the things we look forward to the most always fly by the fastest. Why can't it be that dentist appointments fly by but the holidays go nice and slow? With the end of October means that there's only one more linkup party after this one. Then it's on to all things Thanksgiving and Christmas! 

In case you missed out on some of the Halloween fun last week, I recommend you pause reading this and head right over to check out Whitney's adorable Halloween classroom decor, Ashley's pumpkin patch fun, and all the yummy food in Courtney's post. 

And now that we're all caught up, grab a button and join in with Courtney, Jamie, Liz, and I! #cdtoHalloween16

  The Joni Journey

One afternoon while Declan was napping and Ez was as bored as can be I decided to dip into some of my Halloween crafting supplies from last year and throw this quick and easy activity together. I cut out a bunch of little pumpkins from construction paper and Ez stuck on faces using foam stickers and eyes. The great thing about this activity was that Ez FINALLY figured out how to do stickers by himself without me removing the paper backing. Finally. It's like a whole new world has opened up for us. And with very little help on my part he constructed the faces just as his little Picasso heart desired. 

We put together a boo package with a few of our Halloween favorites for our cousins and Ez decorated it nice and spookily before we sent it on its way. 

We combined a little bit of Eastery fun with Halloween this past weekend and the kids had the best time. Lots and lots of egg hunting until there were no eggs left to hunt. 

To go along with our egg hunt I made Ez a giant jack o'lantern surprise egg. If you're familiar with these from YouTube then you get it, and if not, just be glad your kids haven't discovered these yet.

Apparently Joe and I were hungry when we went to the grocery store because we wound up with a cart full of pumpkin spice everything. We're talking poptarts, english muffins, oatmeal, yogurt, coffee creamer...and of course cans of pumpkin puree for our smoothies and baking. Most of that is stuff that we'd never buy. Lots of breakfast treats when I'm usually more of an eggs and toast kind of gal. I have to say it's been a delicious change of pace and I don't think my pants will be happy one bit. While we're on this kick am I missing any delicious pumpkin treats that I need to try out before the season is up? 

You might have noticed a Frankenstein painting craft in Ez's surprise egg. This is something I bought at Michael's last year, but Ez wasn't as into painting then so I saved it. Turns out those little paints don't last a year. When we opened it up they were hard and crumbly and didn't resemble paint at all. But we didn't let that stop us! We used markers instead, which Ez wielded like a paint brush, so basically the same thing...

Happy last week of October!


  1. Loving that grocery cart!! AND pumpkin puree in your smoothie!? Sounds fab!

  2. haha oh no about the paint not lasting a year. Good thing markers work too. And I love the cart full of pumpkin goodies!!

  3. I can't believe the Halloween season is almost over either! It's crazy!

  4. I love the Halloween egg hunt! What a fun idea.