Friday, October 21, 2016

Honeymoon Pt. 2, Sacramento

Considering how close Sacramento is to my hometown I really haven't spent too much time there. Joe on the other hand went to Sac State and he loves the town. It's one of those places that isn't too far away, but it's just far enough that we never seem to want to make the drive with two toddlers. But since we were toddler free and going that way anyway we decided to take advantage and make a little pit stop in Sacramento on our way to Tahoe. Joe found this great pub that had the "best scones in the entire galaxy" according to our server. That's a lot to live up to but I'm inclined to agree. I'm not a huge scone fan and I didn't order one but as soon as I tasted a bite of Joe's he knew he was going to have to share with me. And he gave me the better half too. The top half. That's love right there.

After breakfast it was raining pretty hard but we decided to put our hoodies to use and do a little sightseeing anyway. We walked over to the capitol building, yet another place I should have visited by now, but for some reason haven't. This is actually mine and Joe's second time visiting, but we couldn't go inside last time. They have a really nice rose garden and a firefighter memorial outside, so we explored the grounds last time and this time we got to check out the inside. 

In my head I was thinking it would just be a bunch of closed office doors. Not exactly exciting. It's actually set up like a museum. You can walk all over the place and there are several replica rooms of the vaults and offices from the past. There are also some statues, paintings of all the governors, and really amazing architecture. 

I was surprised that you can actually walk into the Senate and Assembly rooms. I was also surprised at the gaudy pink and green walls. I'm not sure I could concentrate in a room like that. As soon as I walked in there was so much color, it was a little overwhelming. Despite our differences in decor, it was really interesting to be in the same room that so many important decisions and laws are made. 

My favorite part of the building was the domed ceiling (also pink). It's so ornate, with these crazy, angry little golden bear head statues sticking out, and tons of intricate lights surrounding all the windows. I think Joe liked checking out the governor's portraits. He made sure to get a picture of Arnold. 

We wandered for over an hour and when we got back outside it was raining harder than ever. We debated getting ourselves an umbrella but instead we made a break for the car, with a quick stop for coffee along the way. On the way back from Tahoe we stopped by again for lunch, and to pick up a few little gifts for the boys. After that it was back to reality, and our short but sweet little honeymoon came to an end. I'm still dreaming of all that yummy food, gorgeous scenery, and one on one time with Joe. I'm thinking honeymoons should be a yearly thing from here on out ;)

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  1. Those are called anniversary trips =) And you should totally do it!! It's fun to walk around walls with history. I could go for a scone now too.