Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Fall Decor

Each holiday I get so jealous of everyone else that has a fireplace, and, more importantly, a mantle. I have no need for a fireplace, but that mantle is just perfect for decorating. Instead I decorate the shelves in the boys' play area. This year we put up their frankenfeet from last year, all their Halloween books, and I added a few fun new touches that we recently got, like the jar of pumpkins (from Michael's), some Target dollar spot pumpkins, and a few wedding gifts: a jug made by my MIL and that egg shaped vase from our friends. 

I love the way it turned out, and every time I see it I get all the happy Halloween feels. Unfortunately it's tucked away into a corner of the house, and I decided that just wasn't enough fall decor for me, so I branched out and decorated the shelves right by our dining table as well. A few of last year's fall photos, some bright flowers, candles, pumpkins...it's a bright, cozy little nook and I love it. That hippo cookie jar is also a wedding gift. Cutest thing ever! 

And then I decided our gallery wall needed a seasonal update as well. I got that owl print at an art festival last year, and that Van Gogh tree print from a museum in Pasadena way back when I was heavily pregnant with Ez and we were trying to find air conditioned places to "walk him out." I wasn't really sure what I would do with them when I bought them, but turns out they've found their perfect home on our wall. For the next few months anyway. The wedding sign is supposed to be a place holder until we get our wedding photos, but I love it so much that I might just leave it there awhile longer. And the rest are all fall photos from the last few years. 

I think the downstairs is pretty well covered with fall touches now. Every direction I look I see pumpkins, so my job is done ;) I've mentioned this in past years, but I like to stick with simple harvest, pumpkin-y decorations so I can just leave them up straight through Thanksgiving. I'd be sad to see them go come December, except we get to move right onto Christmas decorations. Yay!


  1. Adore all your little fall touches. Those flowers are so pretty

  2. I don’t have a fireplace either! Well, a real one that is. We bought our house 6 months after a man had built it. He didn’t put in a fireplace because he was allergic. My dad built a fireplace out of wood and I love it dearly, but it’s not the same as a real fireplace and mantle. I love all of your fall touches! So perfect and pretty!

  3. I love this.. and all of the seasonal books are awesome. I still have my girls Halloween books that I put out each year. I don't have a fireplace either.. it would be so much for to decorate with one but we mantleless people make due. : )