Friday, April 19, 2013

What A Typical Date Night Looks Like When You're 8+ Months Pregnant..

Yup, that's me browsing at Target on our weekly date night. The last time I posted any type of date activity was in early March, when we went hiking. I thought my fitness levels were at an all-time low when I was barely able to make it a mile up the mountain that day, but now that I can barely make it through the baby aisles at Target before my back starts aching I realize I was doing pretty well for a 7 months pregnant lady on that hike.

Beginning in March, all of our date nights have centered around baby care and birthing classes, or moving, packing, unpacking, and assembling furniture. The typical exciting soon-to-be new parents kind of stuff you'd expect.

Now that we're only 15 days away from Ezzy's due date I'm officially in my nesting phase. During last night's "date" we bought the last few remaining things on our registry, as well as some clothes and toys that I just couldn't resist. In case you were wondering what $500 worth of baby stuff from Target looks like, here you go:

It's surprisingly not that much stuff. The bulk of the budget went toward the Graco Fastaction Fold Classic Connect Travel System. Earlier this week I spent the better part of a day researching online to make sure the car seat and stroller I had originally registered for were compatible with each other. Turns out my stroller was compatible with click connect Graco car seats, but not with the classic connect model I'd gotten. Whoops. That led to more internet research, and I was drawn to the Graco Fastaction for its promise of folding up with one hand in one second. I'll let you know once it's put together if it's as easy as it promises.

After working up an appetite at Target, we tried out Max's Mexican Cuisine across the street:

Gooey, Cheesy Yumminess
And then we went home and played Family Feud. At least we won't be missing out on the wild and crazy nightlife that we never had once Ezzy gets here ;)

And because I'm sure you've been wondering what Mr. James Bond has been up to, here you go:

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