Sunday, April 21, 2013

Baby Shower #3 (Last One, I Promise!)


In case you missed my other baby shower post, Baby Shower #1 was a surprise from work, and Baby Shower #2 was in Modesto with my mom's side of the family and some of my dearest, oldest childhood friends. Baby shower #3 was co-ed and held at our house for all of the So Cal friends and family. The theme was balloons/hot air balloons, and I wish I had some better pictures of the cute hot air balloons Jessica got for the event. However, they'll make an appearance in Ezra's nursery, so you'll see some pics shortly.

Hot Air Balloon Cookies

For food we had a delicious giant smorgasboard. Millie took care of all the meat eaters with some fried chicken, potato salad, and sandwiches, as well as the adorable cake above. Grandma Kathleen brought her delicious homemade mac & cheese. And we had tons of cupcakes, chips, dips, fruits, veggies, and candy. For party favors, I made hot air balloon cookies using my mom's sugar cookie recipe. Yummy!

Guests wrote Ezra messages on this adorable handmade guest sign-in. The giraffe was cut out from a gift bag from the 99 Cent Store. The sun and clouds stickers were also from the 99 Cent Store. And Millie diligently cut out all the balloons from construction paper. I LOVE the end result, and you'll also see its reappearance in Ezra's nursery.

Jessica came up with the great idea for a 2013 time capsule. She got the vintage-looking map-themed suitcase from Michaels and we asked guests to bring something iconic from 2013 when we sent out the invitations. We haven't quite decided when he will open it. I'm thinking that by 2023, when he's ten, he should be old enough to appreciate the time capsule. Some of the contents include: baseball stats, the 2013 Farmer's Almanac, several issues of prominent magazines, a deck of Kardashian playing cards (wonder if they'll still be famous in a decade!), and some Star Wars toys to represent Ezra's due date: May the 4th (aka - Star Wars Day). I love it all, and many thanks for your originality to everyone who participated!

One of my other favorite aspects of the shower was the "Photo Booth" we had set up. For a backdrop we used the homemade balloon Ezra decorations that Jen made and gifted to me at my Modesto baby shower. We also set up my camera on self-timer, and set up a small white board and some pens and encouraged guests to write a message for Ezra. I can't wait to print them out and include them in his baby book (another maternity leave project I plan on getting around to in the coming days). Check out the cute decorations and thoughtful/funny messages below:

Grandma Kathleen

Jessica - Party Planner Extraordinaire!

Great Aunt Linda

Cousins Luana & Logan

Millie - My Other Expert Party Planner!

Uncle Nev

Rhoda, Ricardo, & Co.

The Serna Family

The Parents-to-be!
Again, I'm amazed by the craftiness and generosity of our friends and family. Ezra received some beautiful handmade quilts and blankets, and a customized onesie. He also received tons of cute toys and books, and practically an entire wardrobe for the next year. I also got a boppy nursing pillow which I'm really excited about; everyone who has had one raves about them. Check out how spoiled that lil guy is, and he hasn't even made an appearance yet!

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