Saturday, April 27, 2013

Nursery Tour: Balloons & Giraffes

Ezzy's nursery is done! Actually, it was done last week, but it took me awhile to get some decent pictures. Almost everything in his room was a gift, and my original theme, which was hot air balloons, eventually branched out into including all kinds of balloons, and plenty of giraffes and elephants too. I'm really happy with how it's turned out, and so far it's the nicest room in the house. He's the only one with brand new furniture and homemade decorations and blankets thanks to our crafty friends.    

The Ezra balloon wall-hangings were handmade by Jen, and the balloon and circus animals mobile was from Ikea. All of the blankets hanging on his crib were handmade. The sleeping giraffe which plays melodies was a gift from Grandma Kathleen, and the elephant humidifier was a gift from our friends Stephen and Leigh. 

View from the entrance

The hot air balloons were a gift from Jessica, which we originally used as baby shower decorations. Love how they look hanging up next to the hot air balloon curtains which Zshnette and her grandma made for us. There's a little Winnie the Pooh floating in the red one, a gift from work. 

Jennifer made the Ezra box, which I'm using to store his receiving blankets and burp cloths. Most of those books were mine, or gifts, and the piggy bank and silver baby cup were baby shower gifts as well. 

Ezzy is already stocked on toys! (Although I admit, half those stuffed animals are mine.) The cute world suitcase was a gift from Jessica from Michaels and is holding all of Ezra's 2013 Time Capsule goodies. The floating globe is Joseph's. And the yellow owl nightlight was from Target. 

The cute little monkey bouncer was a gift from my cousin, and the chair was given to us by my aunt. Most of the blankets and the pillow were handmade. 

The wooden wall decorations were a gift from Grandma Tracie. The giraffe print was actually a gift bag from Target that I framed. And the photos are all from our maternity photo shoot when I was a lil over eight months pregnant.

And in case you were wondering what James thinks of the room, he seems to like it. Or, at least, he makes his daily rounds to make sure everything's in place and accounted for.

 Joe has decided James is his dance partner. I'm sure you can guess by James' expression how thrilled he is by their new hobby.

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