Thursday, April 18, 2013

Baby Showers #1 & #2 (Yes, We're Spoiled...)

About two and a half weeks ago, work threw me a surprise baby shower. You may remember the video of me walking into the conference room and turning bright red with surprise, before turning around and looking like I was either going to flee or kill Joe (posted here). But I promise I wasn't mad, just completely shocked (in a good way). Everyone at work was so sweet and generous, HR did an amazing job of planning and keeping everything a secret, and the bosses are super excited about the first work baby (besides their own).

Baby shower #2  was in Modesto, courtesy of my mom and two of my oldest and dearest friends - Zshnette and Jen. Joe and I drove up there after work on Friday. Aside from a little GPS incident, where I was unable to make my phone work in time to locate a Starbucks until half a mile past the last Starbucks in civilization (aka - right before a 40 mile-long black hole known as the Grapevine), the rest of the drive went pretty smoothly.

On Saturday, Joe dropped me off with my family while he went to visit with his Grandfather. The baby shower was at Chevy's (one of my fave restaurants) and everything was absolutely perfect. There was cake AND seven different kinds of cupcakes (thanks Zshnette!), which is a pregnant woman's heaven. There were a lot of fun games, including a hilarious mad libs version of Ezra's birth. Apparently I'm going to be in labor for 25 hours before giving birth to a fluffy 15 lb, 2 inch long baby with soft knuckles and 18 fingers and toes. He will have my big toe, and Joe's knee.

I had so much fun, and thanks to everyone who came with special thanks to the planners. I love all of you and feel so blessed to have you in mine and Ezra's lives.

Highlights of the trip included:
  • Seeing my family and friends one last time before I pop.
  • Finding out during the "Guess How Big My Belly Is" game that I'm actually only half the size I think I am.
  • Spending time with Joe and my family.
  • Joe getting to see his grandfather.
  • Eating my weight in cake and cupcakes. 
  • Finding out how crafty many of my friends and family are. Ezzy got a ton of homemade gifts, including baby decor and blankets - more pics on that when I finish his nursery. Actually, Ezzy got a ton of adorable and generous gifts in general - that spoiled lil guy! Many thanks to everyone! Can't wait to dress him up, decorate his nursery, and play with him using all his new loot. Love you!
Coming soon: Baby Shower #3 (I told you we're spoiled!), our maternity photo shoot, and Ezzy's nursery tour.

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