Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving, Round 1

My top two reasons for being thankful this year.
Ez meets Katie
Enjoying his feast of sweet potatoes.
That napkin kept him entertained long enough for Mom & Dad to eat dinner.
Uncle Cleo & Aunt Serena - so glad she was able to make the trek all the way from Maine!
Love these girls! (and Ez)
Auntie Serena with our lovely host, Aunt Linda.
A kiss from Ezzy's favorite cousin.
Not sure what he's staring at, but he looks petrified.
Our traditional front stoop photo. Check out last year's here.
Thursday morning was spent baking apple pies (I used this recipe) and butternut squash mac & cheese (a combo of two recipes: one & two). Then we packed up and headed over to my Aunt Linda's for a huge feast. Melissa and Taylor beelined for Ezzy as soon as we got there, and they never strayed far from his sight for the rest of the evening. He was a little shy at first, but before long he was cracking up at their little games and showing off for Taylor (ie - pounding on his chest like Tarzan - my cute lil barbarian). The boys watched football, I caught up with the girls, and Ezzy was passed around and loved on from relative to relative. Food + family = Thanksgiving at its finest. Hard to believe that last year Ezzy was barely visible in my belly, and this year he's such a vibrant personality, bringing a smile to everyone's face.

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