Friday, November 1, 2013

October Obsession Part 3: Our Lil' Raccoon's First Halloween!

Aww, my matching father & son duo.

Ezzy's first Halloween candy.
My little helper handing out candy to trick or treaters.
Grumpy raccoon.
Ezzy has been a good sport this Halloween season. We've dressed him up in his raccoon costume not once, not twice, but three times. That's right, we were dressing our lil guy up in a padded fleece hoodie in our crisp Southern California 85 degree weather. And he didn't even get candy out of the deal. Just lots and lots of photos to add to our Ezzy archive which is already numbered in the thousands. As you can tell in that last pic, he finally reached his breaking point. But hey, you only get one first Halloween!

We spent our Halloween night at home with the grandparents eating this yummy butternut squash lasagna plus chocolate cheesecake and handing out tons of Halloween candy that we stocked up on at Costco. After it got dark and we didn't get any trick or treaters, I was worried I'd be stuck with 500 pieces of chocolate, but then we got wave after wave of adorable little trick or treaters and we actually ran out of candy before 8:00. We had to shut off all the lights and sit quietly in our dark living room pretending to not be at home.

We gave Ezzy a piece of candy to "hand out" to trick or treaters, but that kid has an iron grip and will put anything in his mouth, so obviously that crunch bar didn't make it into anyone's trick or treat pail. Ezzy put the (still-wrapped) candy straight in his mouth, made the most disgustingly awful face, pulled it out of his mouth, and then promptly tried to eat it again! Maybe it will taste better the second time around? Silly Ez.

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