Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving, Round 2 - Veggie Style

Tofurkey and all the fixins.
Mmm, yummy sweet potatoes from Grandma.
No more kisses, Grandma
Santa Ez.
Apparently he's only a fan of kisses when they come from Taylor.
Tofurkey Roast
Even though Ezzy woke up at 4 am, right on time to score some black Friday deals, we spent our black Friday safely indoors, avoiding all the retail madness. Instead we fired up the stove for round 2 of Thanksgiving festivities, this time serving up a vegetarian feast. Grandma Kathleen and Grandpa Brett came over with Tofurkey, and we served up all the traditional sides and feasted till my belly was ready to burst. And it was a lovely, rainy day. Perfect for snuggling up in some cozy sweaters and stuffing ourselves to the gills. This was my first time trying tofurkey, and it was pretty delicious. Ezzy scarfed down some sweet potatoes for the second day in a row. He ate one full bowl, then threw a fit when he realized there was no more. He proceeded to eat an entire second helping of sweet potatoes, lunging toward the spoon whenever it got within a few inches of his face. He's only six months old, but he already understands what this whole Thanksgiving feasting is all about.

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