Thursday, January 16, 2014

More Family Photos

Last time we got our pictures taken at JC Penney, they forgot one of the items we ordered and made it up to us by giving us tons of coupons, so we decided to go back and get some more non-Christmasy shots of Ezzy, as well as some Valentine's Day photos (which will make their appearance later). That one of Ezzy standing between us in his overalls may just be my new favorite photo of all time. It was also one of the only photos that he smiled for on that particular day. We scheduled the shoot for after his nap, he had a full tummy and a clean diaper, so we thought he'd be in his usual cheerful mood for the photos. We were WRONG. He started crying and fussing on the very first pose, and it was a production just to get these few decent shots. Of course, as soon as we were done, he was back to his normal smiley, giggly self. Silly boy.

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