Monday, January 6, 2014

25 Days of Giving Final Recap

In a nutshell, my 25 Days of Giving turned out to be more along the lines of 19 Acts of Giving in a 36 Day Period. Not quite as catchy. Still, even though I wasn't that on top of it, I did more giving back this year than previous years, and that was the point. In the future, when Ezzy is big enough to understand what's going on, I'd like to adopt something along the lines of these kindness elves for the month of December. I think it's such a cute idea, and I follow her on Instagram and she pulls the elves out randomly throughout the year which I love.

Here's a recap of the last few Giving projects I crossed off my list in December/January:

14. Pay for coffee for the person in line behind me. This was on my Random Acts of Kindness list, and I saved it for Christmas Eve, which worked out well, like a little Christmas present for a random stranger. I've seen a lot of people doing this on Instagram, and it seemed like so much fun. I was in line at the Coffee Bean drive through, and I just gave the barista a $20 and asked them to pay for the person behind me as well. I'm not sure what that person ordered, but I do know it only took about two seconds for them to place their order, so I'm assuming they only got one drink. And that brings me to # 15...

15. Extra large tip for a barista - I gave the rest of the $20 to the barista as a tip. He was extremely surprised and thanked me at least three times. I'm sure not very many people leave tips at the drive through, so it must have been unexpected.

16. Donations for the library - I've accumulated quite a few bargain books from Barnes and Noble during the years I worked there. I thought I would read them, but then never got around to it. And since my "to-read" list grows much faster than I can cross books off of it, I figured I'd get rid of some of those books collecting dust and save my time for the books I really want to read.

17. Baked treats for our landlady - I decided she deserved them more than any of the people I originally thought of because she always responds quickly whenever anything needs fixing, and she's so sweet and has bought Ezzy a few presents this year.

18. I took about six cans of baby formula that were sent to me for free as samples to the local food bank.

19. Good online reviews for our favorite businesses - honestly, I almost forgot about this one, and I just now went and reviewed a handful of our current fave restaurants. I'll have to do this more frequently, since we have all kinds of food pics for various places, we may as well put them on Yelp.

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