Monday, January 27, 2014

Gangy & Grampa come to town

Gap has Paddington books and clothes! LOVE!
As always, the weekend went by way too fast. Gangy and Grampa came down from Friday to Sunday and we spent a lot of time at the new Panera Bread in town (I'm addicted to their spinach power salad!), and in our living room watching Ezzy play. Ezzy got to show off his new tricks: giving kisses and shaking his head back and forth. Joe and I got to go on our first movie date in over 8 months, while Gangy and Grampa walked around the mall with Ezzy. We planned to see American Hustle, but the timing didn't work out, so we watched Saving Mr. Banks instead, which was really good. Now I have an urge to watch Mary Poppins. It's crazy to me that P.L. Travers didn't want Julie Andrews or Dick Van Dyke to play Mary Poppins and Burt. I couldn't imagine the movie without them.  

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