Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Weekend Recap: Food and Hiking

Weekend recap on a Wednesday? That's because it's felt like Sunday for the past four days. Joe's been home the past few days, so my normal way of telling the weekends from weekdays apart is gone. We've been spending our extra time together doing some family hiking, trying out a cute little tea place in Pasadena, enjoying a few brunches, and buying and assembling furniture from IKEA. Let's hope this dresser lasts longer than some of my previous furniture-assembly attempts.

Ezzy had his first real solid food - frozen waffles! Literally, the waffle started off frozen and then he gummed it into little pieces. I was a little nervous, but we kept an eye on him and he thoroughly gummed each piece before swallowing. 


  1. That tea spread looks amazing! I wanna go hiking with you! It always looks so beautiful!

    1. The hike was beautiful, and I almost didn't make it all the way because we had to climb over some steep rocks to get to the waterfall, but I'm so glad Joe made me because the view was worth it :)