Thursday, January 23, 2014

"They Grow So Fast"

2 days old vs. 8 months 
It seems like every time I go anywhere with Ezzy at least one person tells me, "enjoy it while you can, they grow so fast." Which is true. Joe and I were marveling over the picture above a few days ago. He used to be so tiny in his carseat, and now his feet are hanging off the edge and the belt needs to be adjusted to the third highest setting. But every time someone tells me that, I never really know how to respond. I feel like I'm just constantly saying, "I know" or "so I've heard" or "yeah, he's already grown so much." I know they mean well,  and they're probably just wistfully thinking about when their children were this young, but I guess it's just odd to me how often random strangers comment about Ezzy. Like I walked into the store today, and immediately one of the checkers just exclaimed "His cheeks!" I assume she meant his chubby cheeks are cute, but again, what do I say to that? "Yeah...his cheeks!"? or "Thanks?" or look the other way and pretend I didn't hear (which is Joe's normal response)? Maybe being around a baby who only yells nonsense at me all day long has dampened my ability to have small talk with adults.

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