Friday, December 9, 2016

Secret Santa Book Exchange

This is our third year participating in Ashley, Elizabeth, and Courtney's Secret Santa Mommy & Me Book Exchange and I just love it more every year. We still read Little Blue Truck's Christmas and Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night on repeat, both gifts from this exchange. Last year Declan was just old enough to really get a kick out of the bubble wrap, but this year he loves books just as much as Ez which made it double the fun. 

Ez, Declan, Joe, and I had a ton of fun heading over to Barnes and Noble to pick out some books for super sweet and relatable Kimberly and her cute sons Nick and Alec over at 518 NY Mamma of 2. Be sure to head on over and check out their gifts!

As for us? We were totally spoiled by Courtney and Aria, who sent not one, but two books for Ez and Declan to enjoy. Super sweet. And all the more amazing considering Courtney just gave birth to adorable Lincoln, yet she still had time to host this exchange and pick out the perfect books for us. Right after I had Declan I spent a good amount of time lounging on the couch while the family survived on popcorn and cereal. Can you say super mom? Thank you so much Courtney, Aria, and baby Lincoln! 

I picked up a Little People Santa train for the boys and I thought it'd be fun to give them their books and train together to kick off the season. They couldn't wait to dive into their first Christmas present and as soon as the box was unpacked we wasted no time reading Eight Jolly Reindeer and Old MacDonald Had a Truck over and over to the tune of Santa's train choo chooing and blasting Christmas music. A perfectly merry start to all the Christmas festivities.

Oh, and I forgot to snap a pic but I got The Little Paris Bookshop, which is absolutely perfect for me, considering I spent years working in a book store and the author and I share a name. Can't wait to read! Thanks again, Courtney!

Be sure to head on over and check out everyone else's books! I love getting new ideas for my book list this way.

Sweet Turtle Soup

Thanks for hosting, ladies! We love this exchange so much!


  1. Yay for new books! These are cute! We are totally slacking around here - I haven't even pulled our Christmas books out of the attic. Oy.

  2. I agree with you- every year is just as fun as the last!! My favorite exchange too :) But Ive been in a reading slump so Im dedicating 2017 to my ever-expanding reading list (Im feeling ambitious)

  3. I think supermom would only count if I had wrapped them! I figured if I waited to ship them to me and then wrap them to ship to you guys you'd get them in 2017. Shortcuts! And, I thought the Old Macdonald book looked so cute I got it for one of the little boys on my Christmas list too.