Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Stocking Stuffer Exchange

When I saw that Whitney, Amy, and Jess were hosting a stocking stuffer exchange I was 100% in. Stocking stuffers are my FAVE, and as the official Santa in the house, stuffing the stockings falls under my domain. That means it's been a long while since I've had surprises in my stocking come Christmas morning. I love the giving part of Christmas, I really do. Shopping for kids and seeing their faces light up is definitely my favorite part of Christmas. But it's nice to take a break right in the midst of finding those perfect gifts for everyone else and get a bit of happy mail just for yourself.

I got partnered with Annie from Home of Malones and had such a fun time browsing her blog and getting to know her and her sweet children a little better. Annie made an excellent secret Santa and went above and beyond by not only getting me an actual stocking, which made the whole experience that much more fun and authentic, but she even sent it in a festive red package. It really was like Christmas came early.

Annie gave me a great blend of useful gifts and pampering, indulgent treats. I spy a lot of stuff I've been coveting from Target's dollar section (which is pretty much all the stuff, to be honest).

I can tell that my gift wrapping game is gonna step it up a notch this year thanks to all these fun add-ons (yes, I know those are drink stirrers, but I'm thinking they'll look super cute on top of presents too):

Not sure if you realized this Annie, but fuzzy socks and face masks are literally my fave Christmas stocking stuffers. Leggings, fuzzy socks, and baggy sweaters are my lounging around the house uniform.

And last but not least, some fun treats that my kids have already stolen ;) Not pictured are the super cute Christmas hand towels which for some reason Ez took a liking to and swiped right away. Why do we even buy him toys?

Thank you Annie! I love it all!

Make sure to head on over to Annie's blog and see her goodies, then check out all the stocking stuffers over at Whitney's for some fun Christmas shopping ideas!

Work it Mommy

Thanks for hosting, ladies!! I loved this exchange!


  1. I really want those soft socks. They are really cute!

  2. Those socks are the best! Thanks so much for joining us!

  3. Girl, socks are seriously my favorite things too!! Lol, it really IS the little things. Thank you for joining us, Nina! Im glad Annie got to pamper you :)