Thursday, December 1, 2016

Stocking Stuffers for Car Loving Toddlers

train // Paw Patrol // ornament // playdough // puzzle // crayons // emergency vehicles // mini trains // socks
Happy 1st day of December!! Also, Happy Birthday to Grampa! To kick off the month let's just dive into all things merry and Christmas, shall we?

My boys may disagree but stocking stuffers are my favorite. My mom usually put some See's chocolate, a toothbrush (odd combination), some nail polish and beauty supplies, jewelry, socks, and other fun girly items in mine. To be honest, I could think of a million girl's stocking stuffers. If I had a daughter there's a good chance she'd get twice as many gifts as everyone else because there's so much cute girl stuff. Boys are slightly repetitive. I mean, how many variations of cars can I get them? Turns out, a lot. This will be Ez's fourth Christmas, and his third being obsessed with any and every type of vehicle. Declan is quickly following in his footsteps and is already awestruck by buses, planes, and motorcycles. I've been slowly stocking up on their gifts, and these are a few of the ideas that I've come up with so far. Anyone else with car loving toddlers out there that would like to add to my list? New ideas are much appreciated!! And if you'd like to branch out from stocking stuffers you can check out our favorite books about all things that go and even more car gifts here.


  1. Stocking stuffers are my favourite part of Christmas morning too! The sees chocolate and toothbrush combo- priceless!

  2. Agreed. Love, love love stocking stuffers! This is such a cute list. Those car crayons are adorable. We love fun shaped crayons around here.

  3. Great ideas. Did you see Target had little wooden cars and trucks in their dollar section? I stocked up on those for the kiddos stockings.