Thursday, December 8, 2016

Trimming the Tree

I'm probably the last blogger in blogland to get around to this but our tree is up! The ornaments have been rearranged approximately 3,689 since we decorated four days ago. The ornament casualty count is at 2.5. Not so bad, all things considering. Although one met its untimely death by being chomped into a million pieces by a certain teething toddler...probably not the best way to go.

Ez was just as into the tree this year as he was last year. And just like last year he got the highest honor of placing the star on top, which he did with as much enthusiasm as ever. Declan was a little eh about the whole thing. We had the tree for two days before we decorated and I thought for sure he'd be trying to climb it like a rambunctious cat, but nope. Barely a second glance and he was over it. He was into the decorating part though, especially climbing the step stool for no real reason other to perch up a little higher than everyone else and watch the goings on. 

Pine needles have taken over the living room, we find ornaments in the most unlikely of places, and the bottom half of the tree is bare 80% of the time, but I'll take a messy house, a partially dismantled tree, and this stage of toddler magic and wonder any day. I know the Christmas that my tree looks perfect is the Christmas that the boys have grown up a little too much for my liking, so for now cheers to imperfectly perfect Christmas trees, messes, and energetic little happy dances every time the tree lights up. 


  1. What happy faces!! Love those very special ornaments!!

  2. So darn cute, this year we did the same, let the kids do what they want. If they want 6 ornaments on the same branch, go for it.