Friday, August 1, 2014

Our Move by the Numbers

3 - number of miles we moved.
173 - total number of miles we traveled between houses while moving one truckload at a time.
5 - number of times we said we only had "one truckload left."
9 - approximate number of meltdowns Ezzy had while attempting to pack up the old house.
4 - number of hours Ezzy has slept in his crib at night since the move.
1 - number of times we've literally hosed Ezzy down after a diaper blowout because the bath stuff wasn't unpacked. (And because we now own a hose.)
111 - average degrees Farenheit since we've moved into a house without air conditioning.
6 - amount of fans running at all times at the new house (see above).
8 - number of boxes still left to unpack.
7 - number of items still requiring "assembly" of some kind. (Thank you Ikea!)

As I've mentioned before, we had movers come take all our big stuff/furniture last Sunday. We thought that would pretty much be the majority of our move. We were wrong. Turns out we've accumulated a lot of stuff in the 15 months that we lived at the old place. Back in 2011 when Joe and I first moved in together all my stuff was contained in one room! I was renting a room in a friend's house and I pretty much just had bedroom furniture and clothes. Now we have enough stuff to fill a house. And then some!

Last time we moved I was 8 months pregnant, which was challenging in it's own way, but it's nothing compared to moving with a toddler. In case you're wondering what a move with a toddler entails, it means that most of the time only one person will be able to work on packing/unpacking, because the other has to distract the toddler from either undoing all the packing or having a complete meltdown. It means that even though Ezzy's room was the first one unpacked with everything put away, it currently looks like a tornado ran through it (as does the rest of the house) because, well, it's a toddler's room. It means that as soon as something gets unpacked and put away, if it's not at least 4 feet off the ground it immediately gets strewn across the floor, because why play with a room full of toys when you can just disassemble a kitchen instead?

After a crazy week, and even though there's still so much more to be done, it finally feels like there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Getting everything out of the old place and closing that chapter was a big relief. Not because we didn't like it there - we did, but it's a relief to only have to worry about getting one house in order, as opposed to going back to the old place every night after Joe got off work to pack and clean. Also, as of yesterday we have cable/internet, and the Terminex guy sprayed outside, so hopefully we'll be done with our war on bugs. This house has been vacant for 3 years, so the bugs pretty much thought they owned the place. We're also shopping around for estimates on central air conditioning. Anyone else live somewhere hot without a/c? How do you do it?? Seriously? Tips are welcome!

Alright, I'm off to try installing some blinds and tackle some boxes. Wish me luck! And Happy Friday!

And PS - Happiest Birthday to my Youngest Sis, aka: Auntie Serena!


  1. I don't typically run the A/C during the day unless James is home. I will turn it on at night, when for some reason it gets unbearably hot. 90, yeah lets cool it down so we can sleep :-P. We are used to it, frankly because it doesn't work that well anyway. It has to work too hard to get below 80, and sometimes when it is too hot out, can't do that. I just leave all the windows open (those with screens anyway) and run fans.


    1. I don't know how you do it...We were doing the open windows/fan thing, but Ezzy would still be sweating buckets all day long. I imagine Alex is probably the same way?