Friday, August 29, 2014

Oh Hey Friday: DIY Projects

TGIF and yay for 3-day weekends! I hear some people are getting 4-day weekends...lucky you if you fall into that category! 

We don't really have any grand plans. We do have a lot of home and garden projects to cross off our list though.

1. Garden Inspiration: One of our main to-dos this weekend is to rent a rototiller from Home Depot and get our garden ready for planting. I'm envisioning lots of walkways, a little patch of grass for Ezzy to play on, lots of hearty, easy-to-grow plants, and a few raised beds for veggies. That sounds like a lot for someone who has never gardened before! Here are a few of my inspiration pics for our garden:

2. Storytime: Remember how earlier this week, I mentioned we were going to the library to stock up on new books because I was sick of Peter Rabbit on repeat? We pick out half a dozen new books, come home, and what does Ezzy choose to read? That's right. Peter Rabbit. I will admit the last page is pretty sweet (see below), especially because every time I read "Peter's mother wants to hug, safe at home, warm and snug," Ezzy lays his head on my lap and hugs my leg. I'm all for anything that gets me extra cuddles. I tried to call Joe in to witness it, but of course once Joe was there, Ezzy just stared at me like I was crazy when I read that line. So then I thought, maybe I needed to start from the beginning. I read the whole book start to finish, get to the last line, and Ezzy gives Joe a look like "she's crazy" then runs out of the room. So yeah, you'll just have to take my word for it!

3. Painting. Currently one of the walls in our hallway is just drywall, so we picked up some paint and are planning to spruce it up this weekend. I've never painted anything before (well, besides paper or canvas for art projects), so this is pretty exciting to me. I have a feeling I will want to paint everything once I get started. Here's some of my inspiration for the hallway (I like the color of the first picture, but the functionality and simplicity of the hooks in the second pic):

4. Hats. I've developed a bit of an obsession with hats lately. Specifically men's caps. Perfect for sun protection & hiding unwashed hair. Here are ones I've scooped up this summer:
1. Floral 2. Faux Leather 3. Gray & Black Woolblend 
5. More DIY: If the wall paint job goes well, I'd like to revamp a thrift store bookshelf we bought awhile back. Something along these lines:

I'm loving this Oh Hey Friday linkup. My mind is pretty random and unfocused by Friday (especially after a sleepless week like the one we just had), so this is perfect! Head over to The Farmer's Wife to check out Amy's post, and all the other links.

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