Wednesday, August 13, 2014

15 Month Ezzyisms

Ezzy - just 15 months ago you were a sleepy little newborn with a grumpy old-man face who seemed slightly suspicious and unimpressed with your new surroundings. Now you're an inquisitive, playful, destructive little tornado of energy. You can run. You can climb over stuff. You get through any barriers we try to put up to keep you out. I'm pretty sure barriers are just a welcome game and you love the challenge. You are a determined boy and you don't like being told "no." You love to laugh and be silly and get others laughing too. Each week that goes by you are more independent, bigger, stronger, and have more personality than the week before. You are such a big force for such a tiny little person, and your dad and I can't imagine what we did before our lives were filled with games of tag, and story time, and that sweet giggle of yours, or that sly little smile. We love you more than you'll ever know, and we're so blessed to be on this journey with you.

I haven't weighed or measured Ez since his last check up, so we'll skip those this month. I do know he's wearing size 9-12 month See Kai Run sandals. He's got 4 teeth (2 top, 2 bottom). He wears 2T tops, and 18 month bottoms, and size 4 diapers.

Here are the things I want to bottle up and remember about your 15 month old self, Ez. The crazy, silly little habits that you've come up with all on your own:

  • Like waving to the moon and star nightlights above your crib while saying "boo?" (moon?)
  • Bouncing up and down to dance whenever the mood strikes.
  • Holding empty cups or bowls up to your mouth and making muffled noises, then getting a really proud smile on your face as you pass the bowl/cup to us to do the same.
  • Blowing us kisses.
  • Pulling every single magnet off the fridge and every single cup or bowl out of the cupboards that you can get your hand on and scattering them all over the kitchen floor.
  • Pointing to your feet when I ask where your shoes go. 
  • Screaming in fits of laughter whenever Daddy tickles you (he's the best tickler - no one else can get that kind of reaction).
  • Crawling into your pink pool whenever you see it - clothed or not, and water or not, it doesn't matter, you love it in there. Possibly the best $8 we've spent this summer.
  • Finding the remote no matter where we hide it. You are magnetically drawn to that thing!
  • Kissing all your stuffed animals if we hold them up to you, but refusing kisses from us. When did you decide you're too cool to kiss your parents??
  • Rubbing your face when you're done eating. You've been doing that for awhile, and for whatever reason the habit stuck.
  • Pointing at whatever we're eating or drinking to let us know you want some too. What's ours is officially yours now, right?
  • Playing with your shoes like they're toys - not sure why you love those things so much...
You're learning new skills so fast now. You just watch everything with big eyes and then try to copy and mimic and put it all together. Like the other day we were having a new water heater installed. The old water heater was laying on it's side, draining, and some of the attachments were hanging off of it. You went up and touched one of the attachments and it fell off. You picked it up, examined it, examined the water heater, and then kept trying to reattach the attachment to the water heater where it was supposed to go. What a sweet little handy man you are! On the same night you followed Daddy around the yard watching him as he was weeding. You looked around, grabbed a weed, and tried to pull it out. When that didn't work, you started ordering Daddy around, pointing at each and every weed and then jabbering loudly. I'm pretty sure you were commanding him to work faster and harder. You weren't going to be satisfied till every last weed was pulled out of the ground. You're one tough supervisor!

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  1. right, barriers are a in challenge accepted! I tried to put a chair (on its side) between the dining and kitchen when I was doing something I didn't want Aria crawling near for. Never ever kept her out. It was more like oh look a chair I must go to that spot and get past it, when she probably would have been cool doing something else if I didn't even put the chair down. geesh
    ooh I love spontaneous dance moves!