Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It's the Little Things: Cousin Time

Ezzy's cousin (second cousin, if you wanna get technical) moved nearby, and we finally got a chance to meet up for a play date this afternoon. Sophia is 11 months older than Ezzy, and I think they got along pretty well, even if Ezzy does prefer throwing blocks to stacking them, and Sophia is in the "mine" stage. By the end of the afternoon Ezzy was actually stacking some blocks before he'd knock them over, and he learned how to oink like a pig from Sophia, who is quite talented when it comes to animal sounds. And Sophia decided she would share her diaper wipes with Ezzy, which was a pretty big deal. (Not sure why the wipes were the hot commodity of the afternoon, but so goes it with toddlers...) We're already looking forward to our next play date!

PS - notice how the cat got in on the block-building action. She was obsessed with attacking the blocks.

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  1. Aww so sweet! Nice that you have a new playmate nearby too.

  2. How fun!! I wish we lived close to family so that we could have regular cousin play dates! Mia adores her cousins and it makes my heart so happy to see them play together!

  3. Wipes are a huge deal in this house -- especially pulling them out of the container! No cousins around here :(

    1. Thankfully he hasn't discovered how to open the wipes yet. He has just discovered toilet paper rolls though, so that makes life fun around here ;)

  4. Hey there! Just found your blog and now following along!!