Wednesday, August 6, 2014

It's the Little Things: The Mall Through Ezzy's Eyes

Beating the heat while our A/C is being installed (it should be done today!!) means lots of afternoons and evenings wandering around the mall. And there just happens to be a bright red Harley in the Kiehl's window, which Ezzy loves to visit. He just walks back and forth in front of the motorcycle pointing and oohing and waving. Please let this motorcycle fascination wear off before he can drive.

Another favorite mall game - playing hide and seek in the clothes:

Also at the mall:

We bought him the pirate. 

How are you guys spending these hot summer days?

Linking up with Ashley & Jess for their Little Things Series!


  1. Stopping by from the link up... Kids love the mall, don't they? Sensory overload!!

    <3 Sarita

  2. Thanks for stopping by! OMG your little boy is adorable! Can he get any cuter? You're account is set to no-reply so I couldn't email you back. Check out my post from yesterday to find out how to get rid of that :)