Monday, August 11, 2014

Weekend Recap: Assembly Required

You know how you walk through Ikea and everything is so well-priced and exactly what your home needs, so you want one of everything? And then you get home, open the boxes, see the instructions, and realize why you hate Ikea. Or, in our case, you get home, open the box, and find 0 instructions, and a couple of screws + 1.5 hinges that aren't even in a bag - they're just floating around the box. Yeah. My patience was absolutely zapped by the time we made a return trip to Ikea to exchange our cabinet doors for ones with all the hardware (and instructions). And while we were there we went and looked at the floor version to get a better idea of how to put it all together, cause, those Ikea know.

Basically the cabinet took about 5 hours to put together, including the return trip to Ikea. And technically I still need to put the shelves in. Those should be easy though. I hope.

After the cabinets I made dinner and Joe got to work on assembling an elliptical trainer. I came to help about an hour or so later, and let's just say that was another extremely annoying assembly process. 

Also, check out those "hanging instructions" below. Those were instructions to hang a mirror. Does that image look like a mirror, or a dead rodent to you? I'm leaning toward dead gopher. I just wound up using those no-damage velcro hanging strips to hang the mirror and tossed those instructions. 

On the bright side, we are done with all that assembly-required madness. We have one box of linens to unpack (which is supposed to go in the cabinet that's finally assembled), and Joe has a few bags of clothes to unpack, and we're done! We've also got a few boxes of stuff to drop off at Goodwill. I don't know about you, but I kinda love getting rid of old stuff. I love when everything has it's own place, and stuff isn't busting out of drawers or cabinets - which is not to say that everything is ever all put away at the same time, but it still makes me happy to know that it could be, if we really wanted.

Saturday I took a little mommy break and hung out with some girlfriends for lunch and much-needed catch-up time. Once again I did really bad (or good - depending on how you look at it) at capturing any pictures. While I was gone Ez and Joe had some boy time at the park. When I got home one of the guys who worked on our A/C came over to install our new water heater for free. We haven't had hot water since we moved in. But it's been so hot that the water was lukewarm and not really an issue. Still, it's good to get that taken care of, and now we are officially living in the 21st century. 
About ready to start throwing tools across the room.
My little helper. He's got to be right in the center of what's going on.
Joe has made great strides at clearing all the unwanted weeds/vegetation out of our yard. Ez loves to walk around with Joe pointing out which weeds to pull. (All of them.) Now he can actually walk around and explore more out there. Here's a little clip of him on his tricycle:

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