Monday, August 18, 2014

Our Weekend: Pony Rides, Dance Parties, & Bounce House Love

Saturday - Birthday Party Carnival:
Our neighbors invited us to their daughter's 3rd birthday party on Saturday evening, but this was no normal party. They went all out. It was more like a carnival, with ponies, a petting zoo, a bounce house, a buffet with all kinds of homemade deliciousness, and live music. Ezzy loved it all. 

We started with the pony rides. I thought Ezzy was too small and we would just get a picture of him on the pony and move on, but he fit right in the saddle seat belt, so off he went on his first pony ride. Joe walked alongside him at first, holding his hand, but Ez is a big boy and didn't need any hand-holding, so we just stood back and watched. Ezzy looks completely unimpressed, but we did get a little half smile out of him at one point. 

He was also pretty obsessed with the goats in the petting zoo. He kept pointing them out to us, and waving to them. They came right up to him, sniffing his hand, probably looking for food. 

Later we checked out the bounce house, which was filled to the max with boys 2 - 3 times bigger than Ezzy wrestling and bouncing off the walls. So Ezzy didn't get to go inside, but he did manage to flirt with a girl that I'm guessing was about 2. She kept coming over to Ezzy and reaching her hands through the side trying to grab him, or give him high fives, or wave. He was in love. 

That pose though...
Where does he come up with this stuff??

Saturday Night - Dance Party:
This is what a party looks like in your 30s:

Sunday - Brunch, Exploring, and Lion King:
Joe had plans to go to Summer Slam in the evening, so we fit in some family time early, starting with brunch at one of our favorite places. I tried to be healthy with my watermelon salad, which was delicious. (I also snuck some bites of Ez's french toast - also delicious.) Afterward we visited Ezzy's favorite stream on the Pasadena City College campus. He is completely mesmerized by that thing.

While Joe was out having fun, Ez and I watched Lion King while eating dinner. It's probably been about 15 years since I've seen that movie. My brother used to watch it all.the.time. On repeat. So eventually it's sadness wore off and I became immune to it. But after a 15 year hiatus, the sadness hit me full force. And they don't waste any time in that movie getting to the sad parts, so I was crying from the beginning. Such a good movie though, and lots of good music which keeps Ezzy entertained.

So that was our weekend - hope you had a great one too!


  1. Very cool saddle! He looks so grown up on there! :)

  2. oh i love Lion King
    that sounds like quite a party

  3. wow what a party and I love the tree poses...hahaha. oh man! You are going to have your hands full =) Is that nuts in the watermelon strawberry thing? I thought it was olives at first and sat here pondering what it really was for a while...nuts!?