Saturday, August 2, 2014

Recap: A Week Visiting Family

As always, Modesto was a whirlwind trip filled with so many family and friends we wanted to hang out with and not enough hours in the day. Each day was packed with visits, pool time, playing tag with the uncles, family walks, and cake. Lots of cake. I'm talking cake for breakfast AND dessert. Yeah. I've given up sugar this week and I don't think my body has even realized it because I'm still on a sugar high from last week.

But I've gone a little off topic here.

Back to our visit. Ezzy's Great Grandma Kathy, Grampa, and uncles were all onhand to greet us when we arrived on Sunday afternoon. I don't think Ezzy knew what to do with so many partners to play catch with. He wound up taking turns throwing the ball to each of us, like the good little diplomat he is.

Ezzy also had his first real encounter with a cat. He's been around them before, but not since he's been mobile, so it was a whole new experience this time. He followed Josie around the house, pointing at her and then looking at us while saying "uoh?" - like he was asking if we were aware there's a strange furry creature walking around the house. Josie was walking a laps around the chairs in the living room, and the first time Ezzy followed her, but as Josie started on her second lap Ezzy ran in front of her and tried to lead the way. I thought it was so cute and smart that Ezzy picked up on her pattern, but Josie wasn't having it. She just plopped down and stared at us like she wanted to know what we were gonna do about this strange creature invading her territory. Later on I also caught Ezzy hissing at Josie, so I'm assuming he learned that from her as well.

During our 6 days in Modesto, we had a belated birthday party for Ezzy with my mom's side of the family, we spent a day by the river collecting rocks and watching trains with my sis/Auntie Anna, I had a girl's night with my bffs, and a movie night with my brothers, and we had a nice lunch with Grampa's side of the family. Ezzy loved playing with his uncles and grandparents. They would let him throw his toys at them, and then dutifully retrieve them. They chased him up and down the hallway, which is his new favorite game. They went to the park and watched softball games. They fed him all the sweets a little boy could possible want. It was a toddler paradise.

Ezzy also missed Daddy though. At one point we were watching a YouTube video of Ezzy and Daddy walking and having a conversation, and Ezzy got all quiet with a little smile on his face while he watched, and then when it ended his little face crumpled and he burst into tears. Saddest.thing.ever. He also stopped midtracks to watch a couple of kids being carried on their parents shoulders, and his face looked so dejected that I had to put him up on my shoulders and carry him around, just like his daddy usually does. He cheered up, but I think I'm a poor substitute for Joe. It was sad to leave, but it was also good to be reunited with Joe.

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  1. That IS the saddest thing ever. Aww. Poor Ez. So sweet that he missed his dad so much though, clearly he is doing a great job in that role!