Saturday, November 1, 2014

Our Halloween

On Halloween Eve morning, Ez woke up to his pumpkin bucket full of goodies, including those skeleton pjs, which he of course wore that night. I'd actually bought them about a month ago, but it was way too hot for long pjs until this week. We actually got rain all last night, which was amazing!

We got our Halloween started bright and early with some trick-or-treating at 10 am in a nearby town with some friends. All the shops in the downtown area hand out candy and it was packed with adorable little kiddos all dressed up. Ez picked out his first piece of candy and put it in his bucket, and then promptly took it out of his bucket and tried to put it in his friend, Wyatt's bucket. And so began a ten minute game of switching their single piece of candy back and forth until all that was left was a melty, mangled mess of a twix bar. We didn't stay too long because Ez isn't at the age where he's willing to fight his way through a pack of kids for some candy yet, but he had fun until it got near to naptime he had a mini meltdown. He especially loved the un-frozen otter pop someone gave him, which he insisted on holding onto, including during the car ride home. When we got home I found an empty otter pop wrapper still in his little death grip, and one very sticky boy and car seat. Sticky mess + sugar high, I'm sure that was a common theme for most parents yesterday.

We went back over where near where we used to live for trick or treating at night, and again, the area was packed! We only hit up a few houses, but it was a fun first-time trick or treating experience. We got home in time for Amazing Race (priorities) and Ez ran around in circles on a sugar high. I had given him one Reese's around 4 pm, plus who knows how much he ate of the liquid otter pop, and that boy did not go to sleep until midnight. And that was after lots of tossing, turning, flailing, and chattering. Chocolate + Ez is a bad combo. Lesson learned. Again.\

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  1. aahh bummer. Aria's had like 4 or 5 pieces of candy today, plus her cookie at the grocery and she seems to be doing okay. She's quiet in her room for nap time anyways. I think that I might never venture into the candy world again if it resulted in two crazy nights though. Apples next year!
    I love the wings on the dragon! Love! I was like aww cute dragon, just like Aria's first year...then I saw the wings! Totally awesome.

  2. Great costume! I have never heard of an otter pop but it sounds interesting! Apparently Ez enjoyed it!