Monday, November 10, 2014

MIA: Lost in Stars Hollow

That's right, I drank the Gilmore Girls koolaid. Every free minute has been spent on the couch working my way through Season 1 on Netflix. I'm not sure how I missed Gilmore Girls the first time around. I saw a few episodes here and there, and I liked them, but I never watched it religiously. Now I'm hooked. It feels like the perfect fall show. So in case you've been wondering where I disappeared to, now you know.

Funny story: Last night Joe jumps out of bed, grabs the flashlight on his cell phone, and starts inspecting his dresser. I ask him what the heck he's doing, and he insists he hears something crawling. Half of me is freaked out, and the other half thinks he's crazy. He's examining everything on the dresser, moving it around, looking behind it and underneath stuff, stopping every now and then to say, "There! Did you hear it??" Um, no... Finally he picks up Ez's sippy cup, which still had a little bit of milk in it, and he realizes he was hearing the milk foam bubbles popping. This just proves that he's the king of selective hearing. He doesn't hear half the things I say, but he can hear tiny little milk bubbles popping?? Uh huh...

K, I know this post is turning out a little random. I guess that's what happens when I stay away for a week.

 On to some weekend happenings. On Saturday we went to visit Joe's uncle and cousins at the Leo Carillo campground. Ez and I had never been before, and it's absolutely beautiful. It's nestled in the hills right by Malibu beach and the weather was mid 70s and perfect. This was a special camping trip, because it is the 4 year anniversary of Joe's father passing away. I wish Ez and I had been able to meet Joe's dad. Based on stories I've heard, he seems like he was the life of the party and always having fun and making jokes. Joe and his dad spent a lot of time camping at Leo Carillo when he was a kid, so it was nice to be there for the first time with that side of the extended family. It was so cozy being around a campfire at night, with a bunch of kids running around, giggling, telling scary stories. Ez's cousin came up to him with a flashlight under her face, telling him some scary story that ended with everyone being eaten, and Ez thought it was hilarious. He almost fell over backwards giggling. It was so cute. Of course, we took some pictures:


  1. LOVED Gilmore Girls!!! And that story is CRAZY!! Wow, does he have good hearing!!!

  2. omg!!! My husband does the EXACT thing with the littlest of noises he freaks out, yet he can tune me out like there's no tomorrow! What were all of the people looking for in the rocks on the beach? Clams? Looks like ya'll had such an amazing time!!! Love it!

  3. Hey, Stars Hollow is the perfect place to escape too. I'm bummed I finished the whole dang thing. What the heck am I suppose to do with my life now? Clean, plan holiday things, blog, play with my kid??? psh
    And that is the weirdest thing to hear!!!