Tuesday, November 4, 2014

31 Days of Halloween: Days 28 - 31

Can't believe Halloween came and went so quickly! Here's the final recap of our 31 Days of Halloween.

Day 28: I realized we only had three days till Halloween and we probably wouldn't see Ezra's cousin in time to give him his treat bag, so we made him a little card and sent it as happy mail instead. 

I finally made a successful footprint art craft. Ez was a good sport, even though he wasn't too into having his foot painted. He did like painting the toilet paper rolls though, (and his legs and clothes) so that kept him nice and distracted. I'm already excited to compare this year's to next year's, although somehow one of the ones we made this year is like half an inch bigger than the other one, even though they were both made using the same foot like two seconds apart. So if this year's foot winds up being bigger than next year's, I guess that's why. We can just chalk it up to user error. 

The finished products:

Here's my attempt at Halloween-ish nails. 

Day 29: We got some happy mail too! My mom sent us some Halloween treats, but all the staged pictures came out blurry cause a certain little toddler kept making grabs for his presents. 

Finally got around to watching Hocus Pocus. Nothing like a deadline to get my butt in gear! As you can see, Ez was a fan:

Day 30: I took Courtney's (from Sweet Turtle Soup) idea to put treats in a pumpkin bucket, kinda like a Christmas stocking. I put a little monster activity pack from Target's dollar section, some orange play dough, skeleton pjs, and a Mickey Mouse Halloween shirt (that I got for $2 from the thrift store). The best part was that we finally got cool weather, so Ez got to wear his long pjs that night. 

This was Ez's first time using play dough, and he was a huge fan. And he only tried to taste it once.

Day 31: We got our trick-or-treating started bright and early, at 10 am on Halloween morning. We met up with some friends at a local Main Street where all the shops were handing out candy. It was super packed, and we only hit up a few shops before Ez started having his pre-nap meltdown, but it was fun while it lasted. 

That evening we took Ez on his first "real" trick-or-treating experience. I'm not sure what time you guys with toddlers go trick or treating, but I think we waited too long and there were packs of older kids out, so we only hit up a few houses and called it a night. I think Ez had fun though.

Day 32: We've got one bonus day! The weather was so nice and fall-like that we took an evening family walk on the 1st and we came across this house with amazing Halloween decorations. It was nice to be able to check out all the decorations without fighting through packs of kids on the hunt for candy.

So that was our Halloween month! Hope you had a great Halloween too :)

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  1. We went out at 6 for our trick or treating! You definitely want to beat the big kids to the punch haha. Although it was packed soon enough. Although my last trick or treater was a tiny one, older than Aria but not by much.
    What a nice mail surprise! Love the feet! Funny that they were so different ha. I haven't had that happen. I love your nails, is that from like one of those pens?
    I love the Mickey pumpkin shirt! Good find. He is such a cutie in those jams. And, a bonus night - right on!

  2. Such a cute dinosaur!!!! Also, I should have advised, you can totally use a stamp pad to make prints...WAY LESS messy!!! Paint is fun though. ;)

  3. I love your Halloween nails! And the spooky feet and Monster rolls are awesome! Yay for am trick or treating - that sounds perfect! He looks super cute in his Pjs too!