Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It's the Little Things: Sister Time in Providence

On Sunday I left Ez with the grandparents so Bianca, Daniela, and I could check out a vintage bazaar at Brown University. Brown is a beautiful campus. I'm a little obsessed with New England's brick buildings paired with fall leaves, in case you couldn't tell by the overload of pictures. Providence is definitely what I imagine when I think of a college town. 

There were a lot of cute old clothes and interesting hats and jewelry at the bazaar, but I had limited suitcase space so I got a cheap pair of sunglasses and a ring, neither of which were vintage. 

After shopping we wanted brunch. Apparently so did everyone else in Providence because there was over an hour wait at the first three places we tried. Thankfully we grabbed the last three spots at the bar, because by that point we were starving. 

It was so much fun catching up and having an afternoon of girl time. I haven't seen Bianca since 2010, and obviously a lot has changed in 4 years. We both went from being single to having families in that period. Daniela came to visit a little over a year ago, but when a toddler is involved a year is basically a lifetime. 

I'm so proud of my sisters. Daniela is working on her rotations to become a doctor, which is what she wanted to do since she was a kid. She's got a crazy schedule, but somehow she makes it all seem easy. She also patiently answers the whole family's medical questions, although I'm sure that gets old pretty fast ;)  Bianca is working on her phd for forensic psychology and is currently traveling all over the world conducting interviews for research. 

While we were out enjoying ourselves Bianca's boyfriend, Wayne, gave us quarter-hour updates on Ez. He had a great time bonding with his grandpa and Oma. And apparently he did not notice or care at all that I was gone, which is good...I guess?? 

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  1. He just trusts that you'll come back for him, so might as well enjoy the fun while it lasts!

    That is so nice that you got in some family time, some sister time. Esp when you haven't seen them in a long time. And they both sound very impressive with their chosen careers!

  2. Awwww I LOVE this!!! I see my siblings about once a year and it breaks my heart. I especially would enjoy a day of shopping and brunching with my sister now that we are older. I'm sure you might be able to relate to that statement ;)

    Love that Ez enjoyed his time away too!! :) :)