Monday, November 17, 2014

Boston: Part 1

We spent our first day on the East coast wandering around a very chilly but beautiful Boston with Bianca (my sister), Wayne (her boyfriend) and his two kids: Caitlin and Hailey. Caitlin and Hailey were cracking Ez up on the ride there, making funny faces and playing peek a boo. It's really cute to watch the three of them interact. 

This was my second visit to Boston and I love it so much. There's so much charm in all the old buildings, the leaves were changing colors, and there were already Christmas decorations in Quincy Market. 

We ate lunch at the Original Oyster House where I had clam chowder and the most amazing corn bread. Afterward we walked around Faneuil Marketplace and Quincy Market. If we hadn't just eaten there would have been a ton of tempting foods in Quincy Market. Everything looked and smelled so good. Hailey insisted on pushing Ez in his stroller. She would make a great big sis. We saw Cheers, which I don't think was the original one, but it was still pretty cool. I loved all the Christmas decorations and a window full of colorful nutcrackers. They are just setting up their giant Christmas tree, which I'm sure will look beautiful when it's all lit up.

I have enough Boston pictures to fill several posts, so I'll leave off here and continue with more Boston tomorrow. Ez and I are having so much fun, it's crazy how fast this week flew by. We'll be up before the sun tomorrow and on our way back to California. 


  1. Looks like such a fun place to walk around!

  2. It looks so pretty! I am not a city girl, but it would be so fun to visit for just a bit esp with decorations. I also really want soup and candy. I sent Chris out for potatoes just so I could make fries though, so I better be happy with those or he'll be grumpy =)