Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It's the Little Things: Sleepy Cuddles

I mentioned earlier this week that sleep is hard to come by around here, and for the past week or so we've made a few changes to our normal bedtime routine. Even though the results haven't been consistently better as far as getting sleep is concerned, one of my favorite changes has been that instead of nursing Ezzy for the final time of the night in front of the TV, which is distracting to us both, I've been ending the night with him in the rocking chair in his room. No scrolling through social media on my cell phone. No winter Olympics in the background (even though I LOVE figure skating). Just a dim night light, the ocean waves sound machine, and mommy-Ezzy cuddle time. Ezzy is acting like a big boy in so many ways now. He pulled himself to standing for the first time yesterday. He's independent and can entertain himself without me for pretty long stretches of time. And pretty soon he won't even need to be nursed to sleep. So for now I'm going to cherish these quiet moments with him in my arms, watching him fight sleep, and then finally give in. And maybe holding him a little longer than necessary because it's so cute once he starts dreaming and a quick little smile will flash across his face. Which always makes me wonder what he's dreaming about that makes him so happy. Maybe watching cars drive by? Or maybe there's a giant clock in his dream? A room full of water bottles?

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