Wednesday, February 5, 2014

It's the Little Things: Ezzy's Perspective

If I were my son, I'd be able to go on for paragraphs on end, day after day, (if I could speak, that is) about all the little things that amaze me. While I don't necessarily get the same thrill from watching trucks drive by, or screaming at and pounding on tables, or gnawing on water bottles, I do get a thrill from watching Ezzy discover all these things. One of the greatest joys about being a parent (besides the unbounding love) is rediscovering ordinary things through your child's eyes. So in honor of Ezzy, I'd like to do this weeks Little Things post on the small things that most people wouldn't think about twice which we took the time to stop and examine and marvel over this week.

  1. Doorways. We discovered this quite by accident, probably when we were stopped by the doorway to turn on the light, but they are actually quite fascinating. Ezzy's face just lights up when he's up close to a doorway. He has to touch it, and then look at me and smile before touching it again. Maybe it's that raised strip of wood in the center that adds some exciting dimension?
  2. Twerking. I am almost positive Ezzy has never seen Miley Cyrus perform, yet when he's excited and he just can't contain it he starts twerking. Or maybe he's doing lots of squats in rapid succession? We haven't caught it on video (yet), but it's the funniest thing to watch.
  3. Clicking and growling. Ezzy has recently discovered these inhuman sounds and you can often find him practicing them over and over and over again. And if you happen to engage him with similar sounds he will crack up like it's the funniest thing he's ever heard.
This is only a small sample of Ezzy's current favorite things, but I'll go more into detail in his 9 month update - which is right around the corner! This first year really is flying by. I hope your week was filled with equally small but joyous things. You can read other bloggers little things posts here and here.


  1. Love this, I said the exact same thing in my post! Love seeing the world through my little one's eyes!!!! Thanks for being a part of this!

  2. So cute!! You have to get video of Ezzy twerking! Haha!!

    1. I know, we're working on it! It's so spontaneous though, he doesn't twerk on command ;)