Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekend Recap: Photo Shoot & USC

Thursday we were lured into another JCP photo shoot thanks to some amazing deals they had running last week.
Here's a behind the scenes shot. More photos coming soon!
Afterward we did date night at the same vegan restaurant we went to two weeks ago. So yummy!
Saturday I had a little me time, so I did a lil workout and some at home spa treatments.
Meanwhile, Ezzy, Grandma, and Dad were taking advantage of lots of photo ops at the park.
This boy is ready to walk!
Clearly he's just humoring us even though he's not at all impressed with the swing.
The many faces of Ez. These pics crack me up every time I look at them :)
Sunday we were going to walk around the rose gardens at Exposition Park.
But they were closed until March, and the smell of manure drove us across the street to USC.
I'd never been on USC's campus before, and it's so pretty.
Ezzy was pretty puzzled over this bronze dog.
My lil star.
Couldn't resist a photo of these colorful bikes.
USC had plenty of fountains, and we made Ezzy pose by ALL of them! I'm sure he's traumatized now.
My favorite part of the day... (is that sad??)...Veggie Grill!!
The many faces of Ezzy while eating a blueberry. He LOVES them.
I hope you all had a great weekend!

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