Friday, February 21, 2014

Coffee Date Friday

I came across this great link-up over on Rags to Stitches called Coffee Date. It's where a bunch of us write about random topics and thoughts going through our heads as if we were on....(you guessed it!) a coffee date with our dear readers. I'd love to get together for coffee with all of you, but I know you're scattered all over the place, so for now a virtual coffee date will have to do.

If we got together for coffee, I'd have to tell you about something that made me smile this week. Ezzy's Grampa just discovered this blog, and my mom reported back to me that she walked in on him crying, and when she asked why, he said he was reading about Ezzy's birth and it just made him so happy. That really warmed my heart. I'm so happy that Ezzy's life is filled with such love. He also asked why I don't blog every day and the reasons are: a) I'm a new mom! and b) our lives aren't exciting enough to warrant a blog post every day. Sorry.

I had a lovely mama's night out on Wednesday. We did another Painting & Vino class (my second one), and it was just as fun and relaxing as the first class. Our instructor was actually even better this time around. Although, honestly, I was happier with my moon painting from the first class. There were a lot of things I would have added to my School of Fish painting (below) but I just didn't have the time. I was also surprised and a little sad that Ezzy was already asleep when I got home. Not counting our nighttime feedings, which are a blur to me, I didn't see my lil guy for 12 hours! That's a record for me, and I missed him. Also, please explain to me why he went to sleep at 9:00 for dad, but the night before when I put him to bed he fought the good stay-awake fight until 12:30? We know which parent is putting him to bed from now on...

As Alissa mentioned on her coffee date, I too am obsessed with the Olympics. Specifically with figure skating. And even more specifically with the Russian figure skaters. (Sorry Team USA! Gracie Gold is a close second in my book.) But seriously, the choreography and passion and overall bendy-ness of the Russian skaters just can't be beat. Their spins are mesmerizing. I was sad that Yulia didn't do well in the individual contest, but her Schindler's List free style skate from the team competition remains my overall favorite. (Watch it here.) I love Schindler's List, and I actually just made Joseph watch it with me a few weeks ago, so it was fresh in my mind. She is amazing, and I already can't wait to see her at the next Olympics. I had actually resolved not to talk about my love of Olympic figure skating anymore, because when I bring it up people are either "eh" about it, or worse, I get a lecture on human rights. But since the ladies' competition just wrapped up last night, here I am rambling on about it again. Please tell me I'm not the only one who loves this stuff??

So if we were on a coffee date this week, what would you tell me about? Anything new and exciting going on? Anything that made you smile this week? Miss you all!


  1. I am currently reading while drinking coffee, so it makes it that much more real ;-).

    We officially kicked off the baseball season with our first practice at 1030 this morning. Before 1030 would be early for me, but since my stay at home mom career began, My day starts at 630 (730 if I'm lucky on the weekend), so we are up for hours waiting. The coach has been coaching a team through Ceres for 25yrs, so I'm thinking we will have another good year and he will learn so much this year.

    Isabell won't be playing this year, instead she will be taking either ballet or gymnastics, whichever fits better into the busy schedule Alex will have. Still trying to decide where to take here. I had one in mind, but would prefer something closer.

    I am super excited about how the garden is already doing so well this year! We have an entire bed of volunteer lettuce (meaning we didn't intentionally plant it, nature took over) already. The weather is just incredible here for gardening. My dad set up a pop up green house and I have lots of garden babies starting to grow from the seeds I planted. I just think it is so magical watching plants grow. Nature is awesome!

    I enjoyed our coffee date!

    1. I love this little glimpse into your guys' lives right now. It makes me a lil sad to learn that 6:30 is your official wake up time though. *sigh* I was hoping the wake up time was a little later once they're in school :( It would be so cute to watch them practicing their respective sports. Also, I really wish I lived close enough to take advantage of you and your dad's green thumbs. I dream of having a garden one day, but so far all of my plant experiments have not lasted very long.

      I enjoyed our coffee date :) (And I'm also drinking coffee as I type this!)