Friday, September 19, 2014

Home Makeover Project: Bedroom

I gave a little sneak peek of the bedroom earlier this week, and originally I thought I'd paint the dresser before I posted photos, but I've been spending the whole week slowly painting Ezzy's room, so the dresser will have to wait. I'll do a separate post on that later. 

So how did we go from the gray accent wall we'd originally planned on to teal? Joe and I were at Home Depot looking at paint samples. After I picked out my favorite grays, he said they were all more subtle than what he had in mind. I asked him what he liked and he picked out a deep jewel-tone blue. It was a very pretty color, but a little too blue for my taste. I'd had these inspiration photos posted on my pinterest bedrooms board for a long time (like way before we even owned a home):

Originally Joe hadn't been too receptive to a teal accent wall, so I scrapped the idea. But the blue he picked out seemed kinda close to teal, so I showed him the inspiration pics again, and we looked at teal samples until we found one with lots of blue in it. The color we went with is Behr's Beach Towel. I did two coats with a roller and voila:

I love the way it turned out. We got this bed frame from Ikea, which wasn't too bad to put together, considering my previous luck with Ikea products. We went to Target to look at bed skirts, but wound up finding the comforter and pillow cases on clearance for $23. Sold! I actually like the bed without a skirt. So the bed frame, comforter, and paint totaled less than $300. Not bad for how much better the room looks. Joe keeps saying how regal the room feels now. It makes me actually want to make the bed in the mornings (something I used to do maybe once a month, tops). 

Pretty much everything else in the room is second hand. We got the dresser from a garage sale. I thought it was a pretty good deal, until we got it home, put it in our room, went about our business and came back to the room to realize it was infested with crickets and they were everywhere. Eventually the crickets went away, or we moved, one or the other, but it is a very well made dresser. We got the trunk at a swap meet, and the shelf at a thrift store. 

Next up in the home makeover project will be Ezzy's room, which should be finished this weekend. Then it's on to sprucing up the furniture :)  This whole painting thing is addictive, can you tell?

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