Wednesday, September 10, 2014

It's the Little Things: Date Night

While my parents were in town over the weekend I decided it was time to cross one more important item off my Summer Bucket List: Date Night! (No babies allowed.) Pre-Ez, we used to do a weekly Thursday night date night. Now that we have Ez, we still go out to dinner on Thursday, but it's a family affair. 

Our last (and only) adults-only date night was back in January. It's actually been so long that I had to look it up on the good ol' blog to remember when that happened! And it wasn't technically a date night. Joe and I watched a movie (in the afternoon) while my parents watched Ez in the mall (right outside the theater). In other words, our dates nights have become a lil too scarce (read: nonexistent). 

So on Saturday night I put on a new skirt (courtesy of my mom - thanks!) and did my hair for the first time since having it cut a week ago. I even put on some mascara...whoa! Joe and I went to the theater next to our favorite sushi place and watched Guardians of the Galaxy. Have you seen it? We LOVED it. Perfect mix of action and humor. So many quotable lines. I'm already looking forward to the next one. 

Afterward we went next door and ordered a few sushi rolls. The last time we attempted a sushi dinner, we wound up eating in shifts, with one person walking Ez around outside while the other scarfed down a few pieces of sushi, then we'd switch places. Obviously not the most relaxed or pleasant way to eat a meal. Being able to focus on each other and have adult conversation without feeding someone else, or calming a fussy, squirmy toddler was priceless. Definitely gonna make these adult-only date nights a recurring event. After dinner we walked down the street for frozen yogurt, and even though we were too stuffed to finish it, it was nice to sit on a bench and relax with each other. Although, I admit, by this time I was checking in on Ez and getting a little antsy to get back to him. 

We met up with my parents and Ez at, where else? Panera bread, of course! I asked my mom to snap a few shots of Joe and I by ourselves, because it's rare to find a picture with just the two of us. Ez immediately photo-bombed us. I had to take a selfie of me and Ez too, since he was in a picture taking mood.

I've also thrown the rest of our weekend snapshots into this post. We met up for brunch on Sunday, followed by a leisurely stroll to Coffee Bean, and walked through a grocery store (cause that's what you do for fun when you come from a family of grocers). We capped off the morning with ice cream for Ez - second day in a row he got ice cream for lunch. No wonder he loves when Gangy and Grampa are in town!

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  1. GReat that you were able to get out for a bit! I remember those days of eating in shifts--- actually still happens sometimes :-)

    1. Oh no! You're supposed to tell me there's an end in sight ;) Ha, we're used to it by now though, we actually spent a large portion of dinner marveling at how weird it was for both of us to be able to eat at the same time.

  2. Hooray for date night! Our last one was for Vday. I've got one on the to do list for our half-versary coming up. Definitely a rare occurrence. We are just so fond of that little bean of ours! It is hard to leave her.

    1. Yeah, that's the main reason we don't do many date nights. I think it's good for everyone involved though, definitely good for us to get some alone time, and for Ez and the grandparents to get some QT too.