Monday, September 29, 2014

Our Weekend: A Sailor in the Making

Another Monday comes too soon. 

You know how lately everyone is talking about Fall this and pumpkin that? Well usually I'm over here drenched in sweat, drinking my iced tea and just wishing the temps would drop to the low 90s. But guess what, guys? The temps dropped all the way to the 70s. That's about as Fall as it gets in Southern California. So clearly I was a happy camper this weekend. Also, we went on a mini getaway to San Diego and had so much fun exploring. Somehow we managed to cram a lot of stuff into a little overnight trip, so expect more posts and photos coming up.

I know a maritime museum sounds like a kinda "eh" activity for a toddler, but when the museum is actually 4 ships and a submarine that you get free reign to wander around, it's basically toddler paradise. Ez was so fascinated watching the boats on the water (especially the fast ones) that he practiced saying boat over and over. And by saying, I really mean screaming. Cause that's his new thing, screaming his favorite words over and over in excitement, and then looking at us with a really satisfied grin. You can't help but tell him how great he's doing, even if all his words sound like, "Bleuahh!!" Here's a little video of Ez spotting boats, which may have been his favorite part of the whole trip:
One of the ships had a mini ship set up for kids to play on, and this lady got so excited when she saw Ez, and asked if we could please, please put him on the mini ship cause it was just his size and would be so cute. Cute photo op? Don't have to ask us twice. We're on it! Here's a little video of a somewhat tipsy Captain Ez steering his ship:  
The submarine was really interesting to check out, but definitely not anywhere you'd want to be if you're even the slightest bit claustrophobic. Just getting around that thing while 4 other girls were also looking around was like trying to solve a rubiks cube. "I'll stand in this corner while you squeeze by me so we can switch places in two feet of space..." basically it was a chaotic mess. And there were only about 6.5 people on the boat. So I was pretty surprised that a crew of 46 was normally wandering around that thing. I imagine everyone pretty much hunkered down at their station and stayed put for the majority of the time. Not exactly how I'd want to spend weeks at a time.

So that was a little slice of our weekend. How was yours? Hope you explored lots of fun places and spent QT with the fam :)

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  1. oh my gosh! Ezzy on that miniature boat is so cute!! What and fun and different museum. It would have been so cool to check out the submarine.