Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Home Makeover Project: Hallway Accent Wall

You may remember that on Friday I mentioned a few home projects we had in mind for the weekend. The main one was to till our backyard, but when we went to rent the tiller the guy at Home Depot told us we needed to soak our yard for several days or it wouldn't work. So that project got moved back. 

One thing we did accomplish was painting our hallway wall. When we got a/c installed, they removed a wall heater and replaced it with drywall, but it was up to us to paint it. We got a dozen different whitish paint samples, and tried to match it, but in the end we decided to go a different direction and make it an accent wall (which is much easier than matching the exact white/cream color out of hundreds of options!). 

We chose Ocean Ridge (home depot's brand). The hat stand used to have a home behind the front door at our old place, but it doesn't fit there here, so for now it's been sitting awkwardly in the hallway. We moved that out and added some wall hooks from Kohl's, as well as a white shelf from Home Depot and voila, the space looks completely different. The total cost was about $40, and the whole thing took less than two hours (not including letting the paint dry). The most time consuming part was taping off the trim. I thought we'd have to do several coats of paint, because I'd heard from my more painting-experienced friends that dry wall soaks up paint, but I liked the way it looked with just one. 

Now we want to paint everything! I already have paint for the front door (the inside), but we'd also like to do an accent wall in our bedroom, most likely a light gray. Expect more home makeovers in the near future!

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