Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekend Recap: Dinos, Snakes, & Monsters

This weekend we went to our friend's 5th birthday party at Prehistoric Pets. Ezzy loved it. He was very into checking out all the creepy crawly slithery critters inside all of the cages. Our friend is such a great party planner and went all out. She made little dinosaur tails for all the kids, and staged a dino egg hunt. It was basically the perfect little boy party, and all the kids had a blast. (Except for one girl who was screaming in terror - which was pretty much how I felt on the inside being around all kinds of ginormous boas & venomous rattle snakes.)

I have to admit, despite not being a huge fan of snakes or reptiles in general, this giant water monitor lizard thingy kinda grew on me. I nicknamed her Joanna (from Rescuers Down Under). She was swimming around in a pond-like pool right inside the door with a bunch of turtles, and when I saw her, my first question was: "Can't she just crawl out of there??" If I was ever swimming somewhere and that giant lizard swam up to me, I'm pretty sure I'd have a heart attack on the spot. But we decided she must not be able to climb out, or they wouldn't have her there. Well, you can see from the photo below that we were wrong. She climbed onto the edge of the pool, and one of the staff came to push her back in, but instead Joanna climbed into her arms and curled up like a giant reptilian baby. It was actually kinda cute.
Joe had a stare-off with this giant red iguana. (The iguana won.)
Joe seemed to incite the alpha male tendencies of all the reptiles we came across. There was one crazy-looking lizard that startled puffing out it's droopy chin and shaking his head back and forth. There were a few lizards clawing at the cage like they were trying to escape. And there was this giant boa (below) that immediately opened its mouth really wide, letting us know that it would attempt to swallow us whole if we got any closer. Point taken.

After the party and some lunch, we headed over to one of our new favorite haunts: Home Depot. Remember how I said I wanted to paint a gray accent wall? Well, that didn't happen. Here's a little sneak peak of what we went with instead:

I'll show some before and after pictures after I finish up a few finishing touches. 

Saturday evening we watched the fight with some friends. They happened to have a little cat ball toy, so Ezzy decided they must be kindred spirits and had a great time playing fetch with us. 

Sunday morning we had brunch with Grandma Kat & Grandpa Brett. Then I finished up painting our bedroom and we vacated the house to let it air out for a few hours. We decided to wander around the mall, which was packed. Apparently everyone was trying to escape the heat (even though the mall's a/c is practically nonexistent). We spent the evening putting together our bed frame (for an Ikea piece, it actually wasn't too difficult.) 

And that was our weekend! Tons of fun, fairly productive, and way too fast. How was yours?


  1. What a fun party! I'm a bit of a coward myself so I might've freaked out but my kids would have loved it! Love the paint colour!

  2. Ooooh, I like the blue wall!
    What a fun party! Very creative... I wouldn't think to pick that spot, but then again, I have a girl not a boy, ha ha! I love that he was so curious about it even at a young age! These little amaze me with how quickly they learn and get interested in things!