Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Summer: A Look Back in Pictures

We finally got some rain yesterday! And it was nice and gray most of the day. (It was also hot and muggy, but that was still a nice change of pace from scorching and sunny.) With that change of weather, it seems like it's finally the right time to say goodbye to summer. And what a summer it has been! We crammed a lot in. Weekend getaways. Family time. Lots of fun in the sun. Remember at the beginning of summer when Ezzy would only walk while holding onto his little lawn mower walker? Yeah, I hardly do either. Now he's running full force all over the place. Not to mention the major milestone of moving into our first house. Here's a little recap of the highlights:
1. Ezzy's first basketball game: (WNBA - Sparks vs. San Antonio)
3., 4., & 5. Father's Day trip to Sequoia National Park: (read more here & here.)
10. One of many, many, many hiking trips. Back before it got way to hot, we were walking 30,000 - 50,000 steps per weekend!
11. 4th of July! (Ezzy hated the fireworks this year.)
12. Dinosaurs! I think I had more fun than Ezzy at the Natural History Museum.
13., 14., 15., & 16. Bday trip to San Francisco - definitely one of my favorite highlights from the summer.
17., 18., 19., & 20. Ezzy and I visit family in Modesto for a week. So much family, so little time!
22. Moving time! Feels like so long ago, but it's only been a little more than a month.
24. Ezzy's first pony ride. Seriously, he's growing up so fast.
30. Exploring the Griffith Park Observatory - Ez LOVES it there! (Read more here & here.)
31. Splash parks - all summer long! 

Also sprinkled in there are lots of park dates, some beach trips, a LOT of wandering around the mall when the weather was too hot (that's where Ez's favorite red convertible resides), and plenty of backyard fun: wading pool, chalk, and giant inflatable balls - a toddler's dream!

You may remember I made a Summer Bucket List back in June. Here's how that turned out:

For Disneyland, I'm including Ezzy's birthday trip way back in May. I'm counting our Sequoia trip in place of Yosemite, because it will take a lot more foresight to plan a Yosemite trip. Maybe next year! Since we live in So Cal, there's still plenty of time for rollerblading, kayaking, and mini golf - not to mention more hiking, beach trips, and water parks (and margaritas & date nights too!). 

How did your Summer turn out? And what's on your Fall bucket list? I'm already thinking about mine...

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