Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Escaping the Heat: Our Favorite Indoor Activities

With temps in the 100 (106 yesterday!) our air conditioner is working overtime just to keep the house in the mid 80s. And even though I'm content to veg out in front of a fan with an iced tea, Ez has energy to burn. So that means finding air conditioned places where he can run wild. Here's how we've been spending the past week:

1. The Mall: This is our old standby. The main pro of the mall is that it's free (except Ez now recognizes those little machines that cost a dollar - exact change only - for a cheap toy). He loves running around and climbing on everything in the kid's area. And, of course, there are the cars, which Ez is content to just sit in, because he's too young to realize they actually move. I'm milking that for as long as it lasts!

2. The Bookstore: A free train set, other kids, plenty of books...what more could we ask for? Ez just stood silently staring at the train set with an on open mouth for a few minutes before I finally prodded him to play with it. After that, I couldn't drag him away! Somehow, Ez managed to beeline for Brown Bear, Brown Bear and a few other books that we read over and over at home. They weren't even on a display, they were buried on a shelf among a ton of other books and his toddler radar somehow found them and he demanded we read them. Eventually I forced a few new books on him. The one that went over the best was Little Blue Truck, which I'll admit, I liked too. 

3. Jumpin' Jammin': This cost us $5.80, but it was well worth it for Ez to run around a room filled with balls. He was in heaven. Even when I dragged him away from the balls to try out the bounce house or climb through the tunnels, he carried a ball in each hand and I had to entice him through the tunnels by throwing the ball in front of us so he'd chase after it. Love him so much.

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