Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekend Recap, Part 1: LA Fair

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Since it's been over a month since we last visited my parents, they rearranged their schedules so they could make an impromptu weekend visit, because a whole month without seeing Ez is much too long. They got here Friday night, and we met for dinner at Panera Bread and chatted until the place closed down and they kicked us out. In case you're wondering how to keep a toddler happy for a 2+ hour meal, it involves a spoon, an extremely patient grown-up (grampas work best), and a large open space. Ezzy wandered around, throwing a plastic spoon, and then pointing it out to basically he was playing fetch with Grampa. Thankfully Grampa's a good sport, and there was no one in our section of the restaurant, so we could be as annoying as we wanted.

We decided to venture out into the heat and visit the LA fair on Saturday. We got there early, and first thing on my agenda was a giant Texas donut. Second thing was a caricature. We got one last year, which I think was more accurate, but this year's is cute too. While Joe and I were sitting for the caricature, Ez managed to faceplant on the cement. Hard. So if you notice a huge scrape over his lip in upcoming pictures, that's why.

It started getting really hot really fast after that. We headed indoors and wandered around the Super Heroes exhibit, where Ezzy was mesmerized by the ambulance on display. Then we headed over to the livestock area, and they had a cute little farming activity set up for kids. Basically you got to "milk a cow" (or a giant cardboard cutout of a cow, anyway), then you got to harvest different fruits and veggies (plastic ones) from the little veggie patches and orchards they had set up. Ezzy LOVED it. You were supposed to get one of each kind of vegetable, but Ezzy pretty much cleared out the potato field. I think it looked like there were toy balls growing out of the ground, and he wasn't gonna leave a single one behind.

After that we got some ice cream (ice cream for lunch is normal when grandparents visit, right??) and then headed home. Ez was exhausted, he kept falling asleep in Joe's arms.

Next up: date night (minus Ezzy!) for Joe and I.


  1. Love the face cut out things..whatever those are! And r2d2! And the farm thing! I think that is such a cute and clever idea. I saw a similar thing on Desiree's blog (Macke Monologues). I want one! Let's go farm fake veggies! I bet my black thumb could handle that =) oh no about the face plant though. I went to look at the last caricature ..the more accurate one...but you are a mermaid! Are you saying you are really a mermaid =) Both are cute. We haven't done that, but we got a silhouette that I love.

    1. Hahah, yes, I guess I've forgotten to mention on the blog that I'm actually a mermaid. I hide it well ;) I've had 3 caricatures done, and the first two looked very similar (as far as the face goes), this one doesn't really resemble me at all, and I don't think it looks like Joe either, but it kinda looks like Ezzy.
      And I have a black thumb too! I am seriously contemplating getting some fake veggies from Toys R Us for Ez, cause he loved it so much. I bet Aria would too!

  2. oh what a cutie.. he is loving those potatoes!

    1. It's so funny because he actually hates potatoes in real life (doesn't get that from me!), but the fake ones were his favorite. I thought he'd like the more colorful veggies, like purple cabbage and carrots, but nope!