Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Ez went to his first Gymboree class today. There were several baskets full of balls, so it was a pretty magical place. (Also pretty identical to our living room in that regard, but I guess it's always more exciting to play with someone else's toys.) Ez was also a big fan of the hoops and tunnels. The slides and other kids...not so much. He enjoyed the bubbles for a few moments (they are shaped like little clear balls, after all), but once he realized he couldn't catch them or throw them he got frustrated. 

Side note: Joe hates when I use the word "balls" over and over, especially when referring to how much Ezzy loves balls. Sorry - I don't know what else to call them! And get your mind outta the gutter ;)

Ez was pretty shy with the teacher at first, but he grew on him by the end of class, especially when Gymbo (the creepy clown puppet) gave Ez kisses. By the time we said our goodbyes I had to drag Ez away, and as I was signing us up for more classes my little bandit kept trying to break back into the play area. 

Any play date that ends with a sleeping toddler gets an A+ in my book. 


  1. bahaha balls balls balls! Kids like em! Bouncy spheres?
    Sounds like a total win to me.

    1. Bouncy spheres it is! Except that's so much longer, and then when you shorten it it's: BS... Sigh.

  2. Gymboree is the best! It will be so interesting for you to watch as he grows more comfortable with things and how he changes after going there. When Elin first went she would like the free play and didn't follow the organized activity parts but now she loves the organized activities. We also love utilizing the open gym times.