Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekend Recap: Family Get Together

We spent our Saturday at Joe's cousin's birthday party, where Ezzy had his first real play date with someone close to him in age. His cousin Kaitlyn is only four months older than him, and she just happened to own a giant red ball (Ezzy's favorite toy), so they had something to bond over. Ezzy has been around babies before, but he wasn't really mobile, or he was too young to be interactive. Also, he has a bit of a track record of bursting into tears at the sight of another baby. He actually did that to Kaitlyn when he first met her, but once the ball came out he decided she wasn't so bad after all. 

I absolutely love those pictures of the two of them with the giant ball. In a few of them, it looks like Kaitlyn is caressing Ezzy's face, but I'm pretty sure she's actually warning him to back off her ball. Also, that picture of him trying to escape from his Great Aunt Connie's arms is pretty classic. That was toward the end of the night and nothing was going to make him happy at that point.

When we all sang Happy Birthday to David we got a little glimpse into how Ezzy's going to react at his own party - which is not well. He was freaking out and crying at all the loud singing. Joe had to take him outside to comfort him. So much for the adorable photo ops I had been imagining...

All in all, despite a few tears from Ezzy, we had a great time catching up with the family, and showing off how big Ezzy's gotten since the last time they saw him (when he was a tiny little four month old!).

The rest of our weekend was pretty mellow. We went to Target for a baby gate, got home, realized it didn't fit in our door frame, so we made a second trip to Target to return it and get the better/more expensive gate. The cashier at Target said it was the third time that day someone had returned the same gate. So take it from us and skip the cheap one, it'll just waste time in the long run! We haven't gotten around to actually putting up the new gate yet. 

So that's our weekend, how was yours??

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