Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Little Things: Growing Too Fast

2 Months vs 9 Months
4 Months vs. 9 Months
4 Months vs. 9 Months
1 Month vs. 9 Months
2 Months vs. 9 Months
Yesterday we were walking through the mall, and Joe was holding Ezzy in his favorite position, seated on Joe's arms facing outward like he was on a little throne (see below). Ezzy even put his little fists up in the classic boxer pose he used to do all the time during the first few months of his life. Then Joe commented on how heavy Ezzy's getting, and that it would probably be the last time he could hold Ezzy like that. And that was just one of many moments in recent weeks that we've realized how fast time is flying and how we wish we could make it slow down.

In case you couldn't tell, that nostalgia has me cranking out these side by side photo comparisons like crazy. I know a lot of parents say they don't remember their children ever being newborn tiny, but it's still fresh in my memory. I remember how he used to only take up the space from my elbow to my hand when I was nursing him. Now when he lays sprawled out across me his legs hang off the side of my body. And not only does he take up so much more space, but he really owns his space now. Before he would let us maneuver him into whatever position was most convenient for us. Mostly because he didn't have a choice. Now he's twisting around to face the direction he wants to face, and he's kicking my arms out of his space if I try to rub his back or hug him. Before we used to work so hard to get any reaction out of him. A smile. A look of recognition. Anything. Now he's often the one engaging us. Holding eye contact and raising his eyebrows and smiling, trying to get a smile or laugh from us. 

I told Joe the other night that when I was young and used to play with my dolls like they were my babies, the age Ezzy is at now is the age I thought of when I thought "baby." So far it's my favorite age. I don't necessarily want to go back to his newborn days, but I do wish I could keep the memories as fresh in my mind as they are now. But that's not the way memories work - eventually they'll fade. And one day, when Ezzy is running around and talking up a storm, Joe and I will be able to look back at posts like these and ask, "Was he ever really that tiny?"


  1. oh my gosh! He has grown so much! Love those photos! He is getting so big. I know it's bittersweet. :)

    1. Thank you :) It really is bittersweet. Each new phase is so fun, but so short at the same time!