Friday, March 7, 2014

Coffee Date Friday: Big News!

If we were meeting up for a morning coffee date today, I'd have some very big news to share with you:
That's right! Joe popped the question last night. (And obviously I said yes.) I can't say it was completely unexpected, because I knew this was coming, but I was completely surprised that it happened last night. I thought it was just another ordinary date night. We went to Green Street, one of our fave spots, and ordered our usual: salads and homemade potato chips (the best chips ever!). About halfway through the meal Ezzy started being a little booger. He refused to sit in his high chair and kept twisting around and screaming, throwing stuff, fake crying, real crying. Basically pulling out all the stops. So Joe was holding Ezzy on his lap, and then suddenly Ezzy was holding a jewelry box. It took me a minute to figure out what was going on. Once I realized that Ezzy didn't just find a random box under the table, and this was actually my engagement ring, I said yes and we hightailed it out of there before Ezzy had another meltdown. 
After dinner, we celebrated with tea from Starbucks. Being newly engaged doesn't change the fact that we're already an old married couple ;)  And Ezzy got a kick out of watching all the cars drive by through the window. That boy seriously loves cars. 
In other noteworthy news, Ezzy had a doctor's appointment yesterday and his weight has jumped up to the 20th percentile (from 5th percentile in December). I was so relieved to find out that he didn't have to get any shots this time. I was really dreading it. However, he does have to get blood drawn sometime next week, for routine testing, and I'm really not looking forward to that. 

I just got a text that Gangy and Grampa landed at LAX, so we're looking forward to a fun family-filled weekend.

I wish I could really meet up with all of you for a coffee date this week, but a virtual catch-up will have to do for now. What's new and exciting in your life right now? 

Today I'm linking up for a virtual coffee date with Rags to Stitches


  1. Let me begin our coffee date with a congratulations!!! Although I'm sure I am not the only one not completely surprised by the news. We knew it would eventually happen. Your ring is beautiful. Something I would consider for myself. Having said that, how dare you let me find out via facebook post. shame on you! lol

    As for my life since our last coffee date.... Frankly I am at a loss. I can barely handle that today is Friday and am not entirely sure what happened with the rest of the week. I think I made some super delicious strawberry jam this week. We went to a bowling birthday party last Saturday. Other than that, I remember rain, lots of rain. I will try to be more interesting next week ;-)


    1. I'm sorry, Zshnette! Other than my mom, who got a text about 1 minute before the Facebook post, that's how everybody found out.

      I made myself some toast and jam after seeing all those jars you made. You really should sell them.