Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Beach Bums Part 2: Ezzy's Likes and Dislikes

The last time we went to the beach with Ezzy was last Labor Day, when my sister was in town. Ezzy was only a little more than three months old at the time, so he pretty much just laid on the towels with us, nursed a ton, and enjoyed being carried around, taking in the sights. This time he was much more active. We tried standing him up with his feet in the water, but he hated that. As soon as the water crashed around his feet he was wailing. After that he didn't even like being held near the water for the most part. (Unless there were cute girls nearby, and then he was completely content to stand there watching them. Little playa.) Aside from that pesky ocean, there were several things Ezzy LOVED this time at the beach:
  • Seashells. Huntington Beach has tons of shells buried in the sand, and he loved trying to lick them, and then making a disgusting face. Or, if we were able to get to him before he got the shells to his mouth, we'd say "Ick! Yucky! Don't eat that!" and then he would throw the shell as far as he could. 
  • The sand. At first he actually seemed scared to stand on the sand. He would perch on one leg, with the other one in the air like he was a flamingo. But once he got used to it he wasted no time getting sand everywhere. He loved throwing the sand. Digging in the sand. Burying us in the sand. Rubbing the sand against our skin. Being buried in the sand. At one point, Joe buried his legs in the sand, and then Ezzy spotted his toe peeking through the sand and tried to reach down and grab it, not realizing it was attached to him. It was the cutest thing. 
  • People watching. There's no place like the beach for people watching, and Ezzy loved taking it all in. He especially loved when we were on the pier watching all the surfers and the lifeguard on his jet ski. (And of course, the girls!)
One more thing Ezzy disliked was showering all the sand off when we got home. It wasn't the first time he's ever had a shower, but for some reason this time he wailed like a drowning cat. Silly boy.

Oh, and one thing Joe disliked about the beach was the fact that everyone with a jogging stroller was able to push their stroller right through the sand, while we (aka - Joe) had to carry our stroller over the sand. So we may be doing some stroller shopping in the near future.

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