Friday, March 14, 2014

Impromptu Photo Shoot

On Gangy and Grampa's last day in town, we decided to wander around the mall so Ezzy could people-watch and we could stay cool in an air conditioned area. While we were killing time, a photographer approached us and asked if we would let her take some pics of Ezzy as training for working with a baby. We would get one free photo out of the deal. Of course, I can't resist photos of Ez, so I said yes. Even though she basically used the same set up as our Paddington Pictures, the assistant to the photographer was soooo good at getting Ezzy to smile. Especially when you consider it was naptime and he was tired and hungry. Ezzy was absolutely infatuated with her. If she walked out of the room for a second, he was swiveling his head around trying to find her. And when she walked back in he would coo and giggle at her. So we wound up with more than a dozen adorable shots of him smiling right at the camera. As my mom later pointed out; Grandparents + mom + baby = perfect targets. Of course she knew we would buy more than the one free picture. And, as you can see above, she was right! Call me a sucker, but I can't resist a cute shot of that kid. 

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